Sushi Naritaya

Sushi Naritaya Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture

Customary MANNERS

I will explain customary manners (Saho) when you eat sushi.
Anyone can criticize cooking like commentators in the recent gourmet boom and show off their knowledge–which gets them on TV or in Magazines—but it is actually secondhand information.
I feel people who find fault and criticize sushi are increasing, and they brag and behave themselves as if they are true gourmets.

Don’t you feel uncomfortable? If there were some customers who were lecturing or showing off their shallow knowledge with an arrogant air next to you when you were enjoying your meal.
Knowledge is not to be shown off, I think.
If you feel it’s delicious, praise it appropriately.
If there is some problem of taste, I would like you to express that in a way that does not make others uncomfortable, such as complaining about it.
Even if I am said to be a stubborn big daddy, it is of utmost importance to me that all guests who come to my restaurant enjoy themselves

The order of eating

Some guests are particular about the order in which they eat, but there is no rule that they must eat from the beginning of the menu.
The first principle for enjoyable dining is to leave it to each customer’s taste and eat what you want to eat.

For guests who insist on a certain order of eating sushi
we outline the following order.

  1. Fish marinated in vinegar…..such as young Japanese gizzard shad, horse mackerel and so on.
  2. Simmered fish……..such as conger, mantis shrimp and so on.
  3. Rolled omelet
  4. Uncooked fish…..or light taste fish.
  5. Rolled omelet, sushi roll…..sushi rolled in nori seaweed with a core of plain ingredients.

I think that you can eat delicious sushi if you stick to what you want to eat,
rather than insisting on the order in which you eat it.

How to eat

These are customary manners (saho )when you eat sushi.
You mustn’t deeply soak sushi in soy sauce or break the shape with chopsticks.
Please be sure to eat correctly.

  1. First, pick an item in the foreground with two fingers and tilt it to the left a little.
  2. Dip one side of the sushi in the soy sauce slightly.
  3. Lie the chosen item (neta) and syari (rice) together, and then, so both of them can touch your tongue directly and simultaneously, put them into your mouth, pushing smoothly.

(※)Do not add soy sauce to any simmered ingredients.
(※)Do not add any other seasonings to soy sauce.

Attention when sitting at the counter

When I’m making sushi, what I cherish are conversation with guests at the counter and the timing of serving sushi.
Guests sit close to other guests at the counter seats, if someone is ill-mannered in the next seat, other guests would feel uncomfortable.

  1. Do not put nigiri (sushi ) on the plate for a long time.
  2. Do not eat hastily.
  3. Do not order the next item while you are still eating.
  4. Do not raise your voice.
  5. Do not over-drink and get drunk.

Precautions when photographing food

More and more guests are taking pictures or filming video.
But, it is no good to use a flash for other guests.

Please do not use a flash.
And we do not allow photography other than of dishes.