Sushi Naritaya

Sushi Naritaya Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture

Chef’s commitment

I try to use raw bluefin tuna as a sushi selection.

The local fish I use are unloaded in a nearby port and have just been caught and are fresh.

The sushi rice I use is Koshihikari, grown in Chiba and called Nagasa-mai

I fillet fish which are still swimming in a tank when you order a Japanese-style fresh fish cuisine.

I make an effort to write the price of everything on the menu.

I am Watanabe、the chef of the sushi restaurant, Narita-ya.
Thank you very much for visiting my website.

In this section 「an old guy’s sticking points」, I will introduce various customs and knowledge of Sushi which I cherish.

Especially, the 5 things I wrote about above are points I am particular about .

The most important thing for me is that I make and serve delicious, tasty sushi to all of guests who come to my restaurant, Sushi Narita-ya.
I wrote this section with that wish .

However, some guests might think the chef is a stubborn old man who is too crazy about Sushi because, frankly, I am stubborn.
But, I’d like you to read this considering all those who might want to enjoy Sushi here.

And as for the guests, (even if they are merely guests) I guess there may be some people who are also particular about Sushi.
I would like you to pay attention to the particulars introduced here as such knowledge will be welcome both to you and others when you enjoy sushi.

Sushi trivia
Sushi Manners
Sushi trivia
Sushi Manners