Sushi Naritaya

Sushi Naritaya Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture

Owner greeting

I was blessed with wonderful encounters with many customers Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chiba ・ Katsuura. With ancient traditions The Naritaya was born as a restaurant that offers genuine sushi that makes use of the fresh seafood unique to Katsuura in this bustling area as a fishing port town.

We carefully grasp the selected locally produced ingredients and seafood centered on raw tuna, which was conspicuous by our younger brother who has been working as a tuna broker for 45 years from Toyosu Market, with skillful skills.

Superb hospitality We hope you enjoy it relaxedly.

Owner ・ Chef Takao Watanabe


Store name

 Takao Watanabe

Street address
 〒299-5234 59-2 Katsuura, Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture
 TEL : 0470-73-0531
 FAX : 0470-73-9531

In-store seats
 1st floor : 6 seats at the counter
      2 Tables(4~6seats/Table)
      1 private room(4.5 tatami mats)
 2nd floor : 2 rooms(7.5 tatami mats、4.5 tatami mats)

Parking Lot
 Adjacent parking lot 4
 Second parking lot 5
 Municipal free large parking lot(5 minutes on foot)

Business hours : 11:30~14:00  17:00~22:00
(Entry is until 21:00)

Regular holiday : Thursday、3rd Wednesday

We are also open on Thursdays during Golden Week, the Old Bon Festival, and the beginning of the year.



The first Majiro Watanabe founded the Sushi-Naritaya as a Japanese restaurant in Katsuura.


Toshitaka III founded the Sushi-Naritaya (changed from a Japanese restaurant to a sushi restaurant)


Due to the sudden death of Toshitaka III, his wife Yuriko succeeded the Sushi-Narita ya.
Although the restaurant continued to operate, sushi was removed from the menu, and there is an urgent need to revive it as a sushi restaurant.
It was a sushi restaurant with only women (mother and sister).


Takao 4th generation completed his training at Sushi Chu, a famous restaurant in Atami City, and returned to the Sushi-Naritaya to take over the restaurant.

Edomae sushi can be served again.


Takao 4th’s younger brother joined the tuna club of Otatsu Fish Co., Ltd., which is a middleman in Tsukiji, to cooperate with the family business.

It has become possible to purchase the finest raw tuna from Tsukiji.


The store was renovated.


The store was renovated.


Established Naritaya Co., Ltd.


The Japanese-style room on the first floor was renovated.

Certification / Award


Certified as a managed cook


Obtained a national qualification, a cooking skill test, a sushi cooking technician


Received the prefectural firefighting association perfect attendance award


Acquired Kodokan Judo 3rd Dan


Resigned from the Katsuura City Fire Brigade, which was the leader of this division (enrolled for 25 years)

Received the Prefectural Fire Association Chief Achievement Award

40th anniversary of municipal organization Firefighting achievements


Commissioned Chiba Prefecture Food Hygiene Instructor


Appointed as a member of the Katsuura City Fire Department (enrolled for 2 terms and 4 years)


Appointed as an instructor of the Blue Declaration Committee under the jurisdiction of the Mobara Tax Office


Received the Distinguished Service Award from the President of the Prefectural Food Hygiene Association

Received the Katsuura City Tourism Association Director’s Achievement Award


Appointed as the head of the Katsuura restaurant union (enrolled for 1 term and 2 years)


Appointed as an accountant of Katsuura City Food Hygiene Association (enrolled for 1 term and 2 years)

Received the facility award (store) from the director of the Prefectural Food Hygiene Association


Appointed as the chairman of the Katsuura Police Station Special Crime Prevention Cooperation Association (2nd term, 4 years)

(Also served as the captain of the special crime prevention patrol)


Chiba Prefectural Crime Prevention Association Liaison Council, Prefectural Police Headquarters Joint Name Received Crime Prevention Achievement Award


Received two letters of appreciation from the Katsuura police chief
Received an outsider commendation from the Chiba Prefectural Police Headquarters
Reappointed as Katsuura City Fire Commissioner